2011-2012:  Reopening of the Tending Island School

Tending island is a 13 hectare wilderness zone near the main island of Culion in the Calamianes group of islands. Tending has been destined as a place for indigenous learning and living and is the main educational center of Saragpunta. Saragpunta is the umbrella organisation of the indigenous Tagbanua people, who reside on different island communities within the Calamianes.


Access to relevant education has been a top priority for the Tagbanua communites. This is the type of education which cannot be found in the traditional educational system. The Tending school is giving young Tagbanua children the chance to learn with and from their rich cultural heritage. The curriculum is based on the local culture and the language used and will reflect the Tagbanua’s cultural identity. The programs will be centered on primary education, with a special focus on functional and practical learning. Tending school will prepare Tagbanua youth to gain their primary and secondary diplomas in cooperation with existing government schools.

 2013-2016: Sea Based Practical Learning and Biorock Reef Building Training

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