Many coastal communities across the Philippines are facing a bleak future. Destructive and overfishing practices in combination with pollution and contamination from land based sources have severely degraded coral reefs, the livelihood of coastal communities. As coastal populations grow, the rate of destruction of the environment increases, fish populations decline, and fishermen are forced to chase smaller fish with more effective (and destructive) techniques, just to feed their families. Poverty will continue to get worse unless a fundamental adjustment is made to manage ocean resources in a way which will ensure the livelihood of their families, forever. Here at the Coral Triangle Conservancy, we believe that that future is possible, and that it requires the establishment of a network of marine protected areas where fish populations can grow, reproduce and replenish surround fisheries.  MPAs together with sustainably managed fisheries, with catch limits, size controls and elimination of destructive fishing can create a sustainable fishing future for the next generations. To achieve this vision, CTC aims to forge partnerships with communities who can strive to change their futures for the better before it’s too late to reverse the damage already caused. Thus, the Coral Triangle Conservancy began ‘Lifeboat Projects’ – projects that focus on educating and encouraging local communities to take ownership of the restoration and conservation of their vital coral reefs. CTC aims to work with local communities to implement projects that work toward creating an informed community, healthier reefs and ultimately, positive and sustainable future for the Philippines.