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The World Risk Index identifies global disaster risk hotspots. The Philippines has a very high exposure to natural hazards and climate change  coincides with a very vulnerable society.



Destructive fishing techniques have already decimated reefs in the largest and most diverse marine bio-region in the world. Once famous for the beauty of its white beaches, reef-ringed islands, and lush forests, today the Philippines is known as an example of the deep costs of ecological decline. In less than a generation, large and small users alike felled the forests, shattered the coral reefs, and over-fished the oceans. The rapid harvest of the once-abundant resources has brought environmental changes: droughts, deadly flash floods, and the collapse of vital fisheries. The consequences have reverberated throughout the country. As the rural economy weakened, millions migrated to the cities, overwhelming the infrastructure and deepening the problems of urban health.

The CTC  seeks to expands awareness of what is really going on across the archipelago of the Philippines in rich video, photos and accurate accounts from the people who live in this region of the world. There are large sections of the world which exist off the radar screens of popular media in the modern world.