One of our core values here at the Coral Triangle Conservancy (CTC) is to promote education for local communities that encourages empowerment for positive change. Our focus is on eliminating illegal and destructive fishing practices and advocating for a sustainably managed and regulated fishery for the Philippines.

Improving Philippines fisheries ultimately needs to start at the local fishery level, which requires communities that are aware of the detrimental impacts of overfishing and destructive fishing on their livelihood. CTC prioritizes Community Engagement as a key component to in tackling illegal and destructive fishing, and transitioning to a regulated and sustainable fishery. also conducts a Floating School Program which works with local schools to foster an early appreciation for the marine environment and to promote the message of marine conservation. These programs also help create a link between CTC and the broader communities through the children. Creating environmental appreciation in children is the key to ensure the protection and conservation of the Philippines’ natural habitats and marine ecosystems.