The Coral Triangle Conservancy Inc. (CTC) is a not for profit philanthropic venture based in the Philippines campaigning to establish networks of ecosystem sized marine protected areas while pioneering new technologies and social programs to end overfishing. Our programs seek to increase awareness of the importance of coral reef ecosystems and then incubate locally managed businesses that create economic incentives for conservation activities. The Company also operates programs under the names Reeph and the Lifeboat Project.


Saragpunta (2)The Philippine Company was founded in 2011 by Scott Countryman, the CEO of Digital Media Exchange, Inc., as a corporate social responsibility program. The first accomplishment of the CTC was to establish the Tending Island School in Palawan in partnership with Tagbanua tribal communities to provide a combination of primary school education and practical marine science experiential learning.


During 9 years of exploring every corner of the Philippines on the King of Sports III motoryacht, Scott experienced the alarming rate destruction of all life in the Oceans and eventually felt compelled to switch careers to dedicate his life to ocean conservation. In 2013 he resigned from Digital Media Exchange to work full time for the CTC and launched Lifeboat Projects to improve monitoring and management of ecosystem sized Marine Protected Areas in Palawan, Batangas, and Bicol.


Over the past 5 years Reeph has been determined to find solutions to a growing list of negative anthropogenic trends killing all life in our oceans. With a dedicated group of multinational and multidisciplined professionals the organization has persevered to developed an integrated service mix that focuses on technology solutions and maximizes community support to turn the tide in the effort to live sustainable with the natural world.


For more information about our programs to conserve coral reefs, or to learn how you can get involved visit The Lifeboat Project on Facebook , or send your questions or comments to